I have extensive experience across all spectrum of business environments having spent last decade in variety of disciplines in corporate management. I have a strong track record in managing small to large complex projects with significant experience in project development & executing project strategies that have delivered profitable and sustainable growth for my clients. I believe in open book policy therefore in the modern world of business, it’s is useless to be creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.

Moazam Hamid C.E.O

Hello & Welcome!

As an Account Director I ensure the smooth production of campaigns from briefing designers and developers, to managing budgets and understanding the wants and needs of a new clients project. As the senior point of contact for our agency, I also help co-ordinate the resources needed to service projects, build strategic operational plans and balance the expectations of new clients with the execution of creative work. I'm always happy to help and get involved.

Adnan Ahmed Accounts Director

Hi guys!

Hi I'm Diana. I am responsible for all social media accounts for new and exsisting clients. I will help create social campaigns for your business and help understand your end goal via the social media craze. As well as the social accounts I will also help proof read all your web content and spend time with you to create new content around your business needs and its requirements. I'm young, energetic and proud to say a happy soul.

Diana Nechaicik Media Marketing

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